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Oct 31
2:00 pm (CST)


St. John Street & 6th Ave, Regina, SK, SK


Please be advised this sale is subject to  a package offer up until October 21st, 2022 at 4:00 PM. 

In the event that a package offer is submitted and accepted, the online bidding process will be halted immediately. To submit an offer on the entire package, please fill out the form below or email

Offers will not be accepted on individual lots at this time.

Each bid is subject to our regular 15% buyer's premium to a max of $1,250/lot. Please ensure you understand this terminology fully prior to bidding. 

As each of these individual lots (8001-8064) contain multiple lots. 

Therefore, if you are bidding on a lot with "Must Take 100 Times The Bid Price" the buyer's premium will not cap until your bid price per tonne reaches approximately $8,333. 

Buyer's are to take into account this buyer's premium calculation which will be similar to a 15% flat buyer's premium across the board. 

If you require further clarification on the 15% buyer's premium to a max of $1250 per lot, which applies to each individual tonne, please contact our sales team at 1-800-263-4193.

Included below is an outlined demand from the City of Regina pertaining to this lot:

We would require the purchaser(s), or subcontractor(s) of the purchaser(s) completing the trucking/hauling, to provide proof of INSURANCE: The contractor/purchaser agrees to hold the following insurance coverage before commencing any work and must maintain the required insurance coverage for the duration of the contract:

a) General Liability with limits NOT LESS than $2,000,000.00 per occurrence; and

b) Automobile Liability with limits NOT LESS than $1,000,000.00 per occurrence.

It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that this coverage confirmation is cleared with the City of Regina prior to attending the City yard for load out. Confirmation and clearance of this insurance coverage can be completed by contacting Chris Szakacs at 306-777-7686.

The City of Regina will be available to load trucks up to maximum of 750 tonne per scheduled working day for all customers, from the regular hours of 7:30AM to 4:30PM (November 1, 2022 to March 31, 2022) 

All asphalt in this sale will be weighed upon loadout and invoice adjusted as to final weight on the last load landing on either side of purchased amount. 

Initial invoice must be paid in full within five business days of the sale closing as per terms of this sale and prior to attending the City of Regina for load out and final invoice or refund will follow once the exact tonnage has been determined upon loadout.

Environmental Considerations/Disclaimer - The Successful Bidder must observe and comply with all environment measures in the most current versions of the following Acts, The Canadian Environmental Protection Act, Inter-provincial Movement of Hazardous Wastes Regulations (if applicable), the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, Export and Import of Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Recyclable Materials Regulations (if applicable), The Saskatchewan Environmental Management Act and Regulations and all City bylaws, as well as all other applicable Federal and Provincial Acts and Regulations not mentioned here.

Duty of care - The use and application of this material shall be at the buyers’ discretion. 

1. Asphalt planings can contain a high level of contaminants. These contaminants can be picked up by rainwater passing through a stockpile or can seep out into the ground.

2. Users must prevent contaminants from planings leaching into the ground or into watercourses. Planings should be covered and stored on an impermeable surface. Rainwater that runs through the planings can pick up contaminants and transport them into the groundwater or nearby watercourses. Water run-off should be collected and tested for contamination before a decision is made as to how it should be disposed of.

3. Plan storage site(s) so that the planings can be safely stored for use as part of any works.

Asphalt millings are ground-up asphalt pavements, a biproduct created by the cold planing process.   The asphalt millings may have 0% - 35% slag content based on past milled asphalt pavements with the remaining portion sourced from natural aggregates.  The material usually has 100% passing the 50mm sieve with some material passing the 80µm as determined using testing method ASTM D422-63 Standard Test Method for Particle-Size Analysis of Soils.  The millings in stockpile may vary from a well graded to a gap graded material. 

McDougall Auctioneers Ltd. has a sample at 800 North Service Road, Emerald Park, SK.

All vehicles owned or operated by the Successful Bidder(s) must report to the Materials Yard Scale before entering and prior to leaving the City's Yard.

After the registering of trucks and drivers, the City will provide the Successful Bidder with the following information within three working days.

• Work Order #

• Task #

• Truck ID #

• Product #

• Instructions on how to use the unmanned scale

Upon receiving the above information, the Successful Bidder shall co-ordinate the pick-up of material with the City Representative.

Please remember that all sales are final on this auction sale and although we try to represent the item as we see it visible to the naked eye, we STRONGLY recommend manual inspection at the item's location. Please be advised that the purchaser is held accountable for the item(s) contained in each lot. The lot in full must be removed from its location when picked up. If items are left on site, the purchaser will be charged a mandatory disposal fee determined by McDougall Auctioneers Ltd over and above waiving the right to physical product and monies paid previously as it will be considered abandoned property.

Other Details

- Cash, Debit, Visa, MasterCard, Certified Cheque, Corporate Creditor Or Online Payments.
( 3% Convenience Fee On Credit Card Transactions)
- Buyer's Premium 15% To A Max of $1,250.
- Subject To Additions & Deletions.


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