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If you're looking to consign and sell your items via online auction, we've developed proven selling strategies that will help maximize the potential of your items.

In today's world, fewer traditional live auctions are being conducted, but people haven't stopped bidding, they've just been moving their auction purchases online. Bids are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At McDougall Auctioneers, we are pioneers in online auction bidding, having been one of the first auction businesses to transition to the ever-adapting online world.

With over 100,000 registered bidders in our virtual crowd and up to 5 million views per month, you're sure to get great exposure for your items. When you need to reach more than a local audience, we offer visibility through multiple locations, social media, internet advertising, email, print, radio and any other means we can to get your items displayed to the public.
Our methods offer convenience. We are fully equipped to handle the sale of your items while saving you the time & effort otherwise used to place them online and market them yourself.

We sell in a wide range of areas including farm auctions, agricultural equipment, commercial equipment, business inventories, restaurants & commercial shops, industrial machinery, personal vehicles, recreational equipment, antiques and real estate.

You leave your items with us and we take care of the rest. For more information regarding the selling process, contact one of our sales managers:
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